The End

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

And so it came…
I watched the skies –
A giant flame
Rose in my eyes
And filled the air with painful heat.

The seer had said
It soon would come
And leave us dead,
The world undone
When life and death would finally meet.

I rushed back home,
Entered the house
And sat alone,
Tears in my eyes,
And thought about my life, now spent.

And then I felt a mighty blow
That threw me to my knees,
And I looked up and all I saw
Was darkness. ‘Help me, please!’,

I cried in pain but no one heard
For now it was the time
When death would take us, in the end
We all knew it would come –

But we’d all hoped we’d have more time,
How foolish had we been!
It was now over – let us die
And leave this world of sin behind,
And set off with no coming back,
And lay our feet upoin the Track
Trodden by the angels’ feet.
And let us finally meet

I closed my eyes and wiped the tears
And lay there with no breath,
And my last thought comforted me
As I got near to death.
I was ready to let go.
Then I felt another blow…

I saw the Night
As clear as day
And all my might,
It passed away
As I faced what we call the End.


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