The enchanted sleep~ – immortality a closer look

by Jul 23, 2004Poetry

Immortality is an enchanted sleep
But you’ll never wake up
You’ll gather dust in your room
In the highest spire in your enchanted tower
And with this deathlike sleep
You shall never stir
Nor breathe free air
No breeze to cool your flesh
Your lips shall not taste sweet strawberries
Nor taste your lover’s lips
How can you be in love while dead to the world?
Many things may happen of great importance
But tomorrow will you remember it even happened?
Will you forget?
Are you really dead in a living body?
You’re still asleep when you awake
You’re sleepwalking through your life
All motions of your life are natural
Are you even in control?
Being immortal is the longest dream
You sleep walk through eternity
You’re not even here
Being around till the earth is unmade
You’ll not stir a ripple in the pool
You’re under the surface, a face in the water
You’re screaming for release
You’re screaming for sleep
But how can you if you’re asleep already?
Inside your exterior you’re alive with your hate
A hate that will endure all time
Your hate for the very world you live in
The very world you’re trapped in
Your cage with unseen bars
A cage without limit
But your sentence is life
And life for you is
Till the bars go rusty
Fall down around you
The earth beneath your feet turns to dust
All that you once loved has turned to ashes
And in the end when eternity is too long
All you’ll have is the ash beneath you
And the black sky above
The forlorn breeze your only link to the sanity within
How did it come to this?
No one can survive it
No one can live it
Will you be screaming for the end of the world?
And in the end what will be left?
No focalised remains of you life will be left
All that is and all that will ever be
Is you
You’re the reason the earth is ashes
You’re why the sky turned black
Who would be left to see it if all were mortal?
All were dead
But if the end ever comes for you
You shall never wake again
And never stir
But will it be as if you were never awake
Never alive?


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