The Elves of Middle Earth

by May 6, 2004Poetry

The Elves
Are gone
they had memory
and wisdom
Now the mists are only left
They were the greatest of archers
warriors, princes, and kings
all feared them with respect
They were unlike all else
Tall and graceful in their ways
and yet
we know not the power they beheld
The elder days were strong in their minds
As they walked quietly
through their woods
Amongst the trees of glittering lights
They were the strongest
and the wisest
Non could compare
with the immortal Elves
But now shadow falls
The lights begin to fade into the mists
The time of the elves has passed
they must now give their beloved middle earth
to the race of men
They carefully tended middle Earth
Will the proud men do this same?
It is not known.
the mists of time have swallowed up
“Things that were
Things that are
And things that have not yet come to pass”
An era has passed
It is gone
Never to be known again
the ageless Elves must cross the shining sea
To the gray haven
to fade into the dusk
They were the elves of middle Earth
no longer do they tread her ground
now their grace and poise has left us
The time of the elves has faded
Into the mists of all


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