The Elven Prince – Legolas Indepth

by May 26, 2002Poetry

In the forest,
on mountians high,
there he wanders far and wide,
a mission was set,
he chose to take part,
he will never give up,he follows his heart,
an Elven prince a warrior of skill,
he fights for his people with his valient will,
like Gwahir he is graceful yet hardy and strong,
and he is pure in spirit and merry in song,
his eyes are as blue and as deep as the ocean,
they speak of knowledge and kindness,
love and devosion,
his hair of golden silver tints,
against the light it glistens and glints,
like the golden leaves that he once saw,
upon the trees and on loriens floor,
he stands with such elegance with such power and might,
his hearing as strong as his power of sight,
his bow skills amazing,his aim never fails,
through wind,rain or snow his arrow still sails,
this great Elven prince,this brave hearted elf,
thinks only of others and never himself.


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