The Elf in Me

by Apr 12, 2003Poetry

Sitting on a park bench
That someone placed right there
By the pond that was once peaceful

I close my eyes and listen
To the soft water sing its song
Rippling and moving to its own internal beat

And I get swept off my feet
That is the elf in me

Then I hear a car go by
And suddenly I’m back
I feel myself sinking, sinking
Back into the artificial world
That mankind so painstakingly made
Never giving a thought or care
About that special glade

But then I close my eyes again
And I’m sitting on the ground
Beneath a tall, old oak tree
With its trunk so thick and round

I feel the mud between my toes
And sweet fragrances tickle my nose
That is the elf in me

I’m back to reality
Where the pond, the trees, the geese
The flowers, the brids, and the bees
Are respected and cherished

Where one can sit and ponder
About their life’s own worth
And one can talk and hear an answer
In the wind that’s on this Earth

Call me crazy, call me strange,
Call me what you want

But my love for this God-made world,
Where nature rules like it should…
That is just the elf in me


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