The Elessar and Undomiel – Aragorn and Arwen

by Aug 9, 2003Poetry

Though born in majesty,
The Elfstone chose to live his life in tragedy.
For in Imladris he met Arwen Evenstar.
She was dancing amongst the trees like a flower.
Then his true love was denied of him,
He was forced to live his life without bliss.
In Lothlórien he met the Evenstar once again.
Upon Cerin Amroth he bestowed upon her their first kiss.
He departed into the wild once more,
But this time with something to hope for.
Three and a half score years later,
He reclaimed the Thrones of Gondor and Arnor.
In the City of Stone the Elessar and Undómiel were finally joined,
The wishes of the Evenstar’s father forgotten in haste.
She was by his side
When he died
And upon Cerin Amroth gave up her life,
As to end her sorrow and strife.


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