The Dream – A Poem

by Jun 7, 2001Poetry

While some crave fair Lothlorien
With golden flowers in spring,
Or glittering caves of Aglarlond,
With gemstones sparkling,

Or Minas Tirith’s turrets
Shining white under the sun,
Or possibly the friendly Shire
For drink and food and fun,

For me, fair Elven Tirion
Is where I’d want to be
Before the Foe had stolen gem
Or spider poisoned tree.

To know Feanor, mighty Elf
Of craft and cunning mind,
Would be a dream come true for me,
Though he was less than kind.

And in this dream I’m not alone
For great, wise Mithrandir,
Was tempted to this dream also,
By Orthanc’s palantir.


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