The downfall of Moria.

by Jun 20, 2003Poetry

Moria. A ruined brillance,
Where the dwarved did delve,
And mithril chains were wrought.

Yet fear liveth there now.

The great dwarven cities remain,
Unclaimed by thoes who built them,
And craved the crafted stones.

And darkness is everything.

The place seeps ancient evil,
And thoes mines hold wrath,
And thoes mines hold terror.

For nightmares live in those deeps.

Swords are no more use there,
In the glory that one was,
For the delved too greedily and too deep.

And they awoke the balrog.

So Moria, the ruined brillance,
Where the dwarved did once delve,
And shadow awoke within flame.

There lives the Balorog.

There lives the Balorog of Durin’s bane.


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