The Despair of Wormtongue – Part 1: How Much is My Honor?

by Jul 23, 2005Poetry

How much is my honor, oh Gods in Heaven,
What price do I pay for being sold?
Where do I sit in Avernus for my crime
Of killing my friends by their soul?

Ai! Such thunder do I hear roaring,
My brow is bittersweet;
My prison is walking freely
Where in death, I aught to be.
For ages, have I learned
Of crafts that have no name;
And now I dare to use them
Where malice has no stain.

Wondrous was my counsel,
I took no heed of price;
Yet now I’ve sold my loyalty,
Now sin is my device!
How much indeed, is my honor,
How much does oneself pay?
To turn back would be self-death,
The onward-path is my way.

First, I shall encumber
My once mighty, proud leige-lord;
His mind I shall make tarnished,
My tongue shall shear his chords.
I shall look my best in worsening,
How much does my honor cost?
Nothing, o Gods, for I have none,
My place in Heaven is lost.


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