The Confession – Bilbo arrived at my door and said “the Road awaits…

by Feb 11, 2003Poetry

The Confession.

The Road takes me back one more time
With the story I must bring
It reveals the truth of the crime
For I was the wearer of the One True Ring
It all started when a strange Fellowship
And a Wizard did appear
Asking me to embark on a trip
In search of treasures beyond compare
The Road returns us once more
To where it all began
Thirteen of us outside my door
Now I must do what I can
To bring you to that fateful game
Played deep within a cave
By a creature who had no name
It was there I became It’s slave
The Road was guiding me on my quest
Into the land of the Enemy
Gotta keep moving, no time to rest
For what laid ahead was my Destiny
They came from out of the night
With weapons forged from hell
I was lost in the confusion of the fight
Deeper into the darkness I fell
The Road has brought me to this place
Far from the eyes of Man
Here Gollum and I came face to face
And the Riddles soon began
I had to win, there was no other way
To escape this dungeon dark and cold
But I still hear his cries to this day
When on my finger slipped a band of gold
The Road has led me to the Dragon’s lair
Far from my home in the east
The Great Battle fought right here
Between Man, Myth and Beast
Still he followed cursing,”Thief, stole from me!”
With his vengance becoming more vicious
During the night in fits of fury
He cries out for his Precious
The Road ends for me back upon my Hill
Though the legacy was passed on years ago
And Gollum must chase after it still
There is one thing that we both know
Just One Ring finds them
With the secrets that it holds
For the One Ring can bind them
Turning hearts dark and cold
Come to the Land of Mordor
Where the Shadows lie…


p.s. thank-you for the great reviews of The Road I really hope you like this. Let me know


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