The Company of 9 – Poetry

by Jan 20, 2002Poetry

The fate of middle earth,
rests in his hand.
May the evenstar shine down on you
company of 9. Frodo son of Drogo,
may you have peace tonight.
The Journey is far, The Journey is long.
The power of the ring grows strong.
The Eye is ever watching,
the roads that you are crossing.
The last bit of hope that remains
in middle earth, is carried by
these 9 weathered travellers.
Gandalf the Grey, with your wisdom
of life, may your staff be the
virtue of your light.
Aragorn son of Arathorn, Heir
of Isilidur. May your heart not
be troubled for those of the past.
Elessar, Elessar, may the blade
Anduril be swift in your grasp.
Boromir, Steward of Gondor,
pride and honor we see in you,
brave for your white city, but fear
is in your eyes at this time, may
your strength and kind heart help
the company fulfill its part.
Gimli son of Gloin,
With your powerful axe,
may you fulfill your honor
with good in your acts.
Legolas Greenleaf,
With your bow so true,
watch over Frodo with
the strength that is in you.
Meriadoc Brandybuck
of the Brandywine river
May you be brave in the time
of need. May your heart not be
troubled, but let it be free.
Peregrin Took,
Youngest of these, may your curiosity
be an asset instead of a draw back,
May your ambition help you to understand
in your youth the world in which you liveth,
may your mischief come in hand, and your
friendship be true, watch over Merry for he loves you.
Samwise Gamgee son of the Gaffer
Protector of Frodo, Friend to the end.
Loyal and Just. With your stout heart,
and your motivation, may you protect your
master til the end of your days.
Frodo Baggins, Son of Drogo, cousin of Bilbo,
The ring bearer, we look to thee during this time.
A burden has befallen you, the task of your life.
Before you, you look to Mordor, behind you, your friends. They will not abandon you, will you abandon them? You are the last strength of Middle-earth. Not only a ring do hold in your hand, but the future, May your heart with stand the ring, and be able to let it go.


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