The Collector’s Tale – A shopping cart quandary

by Oct 20, 2004Poetry

Jonathan’s Note: I’m with jeanelf! Let’s get back to the basics!

I sit here today
Looking at my E-Bay
And I must confess
I really can’t guess
How I do feel
about all the things
Now for sale re
Lord of the Rings.

My favorite tale
(you know, this is true)
I’m sure if I asked,
The same’s true of you.
It’s exciting to see
The depictions of Bree,
Busts, rings and mugs.
I think I saw rugs(?)!

But what should I choose?
If I snooze, I will lose.
But I can’t get it ALL,
It could fill up a mall!
A Sword called Sting?
A trading card thing?
A statue of Strider?
A Nazgul Rider?

A dragon called Smaug?
Gollum hiding in a log?
A ring on a chain,
Brave Isildur’s Bane?
Maybe Aragorn?
I really am torn.
A pewter fighter?
My head’s getting lighter.

A box full of ents?
This doesn’t make sense!
Though I truly love Treebeard
this is starting to be weird.
A gold-plated Pippin?
This seller is trippin’.
A model of Mount Doom?
I’ve really got no room…

The choices too many,
My money, hardly any.
Perhaps my first choice
Will be the true voice
Of the author we know
Who so long ago
First lovingly wrote
The tale we all quote.

I’ll buy a new set
Of the trilogy and let
My mind so admire
The folks of the Shire
And dream once again
Of the happiest end
For the tale of the nine.
A purchase so Fine!!!


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