The Call of the Sea – A Song of the Teleri

by Feb 16, 2004Poetry

The Sea I watch with white foam glowing
As pearl upon crests of sea crescent green
With strong winds a’ joyfully blowing
From east unto west my shadows to dreams.

Silver my prow as high my sails
E’re do I feel the sea’s voice a’ crying
And so would seek over green ocean trails
And ride eternal the rough ocean crests a’ flying-
Falthaloth, my ship of birches tall builded
On the western shores of fair Eglarest
Had oars of bright golden beams gilded
And was adorned with gems of lazurline rarest.

It was built for one on that foreign far shore
Beneath the forgotten yews of halcyon.
Under the threat of a black shadowed yore
I came to look upon the sea as my scion-
And fulfiller of my sweetest ambition !
Now long ago I came unto my beloved white sea
And in my Falthaloth I disclosed the remission
Of bitter black mortal shores for Alqualonde !

Ah Aqualonde, the haven of swan ships fairest,
Built white against the ocean like a large pearl gleaming !
More fair than the thoughts of mortal shores’ Eglarest
The haven of my kindred, the joyous mariners singing !


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