The Bitterness of Mortality – A poem about the death of Arwen

by Mar 10, 2003Poetry

Hating love and loathing hate
While I sit here and I wait
For my time, for the end of my life
For now I have much sadness and strife
Golden memories of happy days
Filled with laughter, love, & flowered lays
When I would dance in the moonlight
And have my heart consumed with delight
When the sun was bright & the flowers would bloom
But now my world is dark & filled with gloom
All is black now that he has gone
A tear falls as I watch the red dawn
Let me go and leave me be
To taste the bitterness of mortality
My people are gone across the sea
And he has gone too and left me to be
Alone, surrounded by trees
As I come even the birds flee
For I come with death
There is nothing of me left
Overflowing with grief and woe
Here is my grave no farther will I go
I fall down to the ground and there I shall lie
Farewell to the world for now I shall die


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