The ballard of Beren and of Luthien.

by Jul 4, 2003Poetry

‘Twas cold that night
When lily flower did invite
The hue of roses fading red
To dance to where the river led,
And as the wind did roam the sky
The moon it sailed through the nigh
And the grass held sacred starlit dew,
While her song was sung, and heard by few,
Save the mortal man who found his love
Dancing in the light of the stars above
As under leaf and forest bower
Her song released his joy, his power.
He was enchanted by her lay,
That it is told of hither day
Was the only song to entrance,
As Luthien she sang and did dance,
In the light of elven flower
She did na’er end that hour,
For still she lives in dreams of stars,
When love it is, and shall be ours.
And every steap her lithe foot fell
Sprung flower in the starlit dell,
And her eyes were full of joy’s bliss tears,
And there she danced, the nigh like years,
So that each swift motion with dextrous mind
Did last an hour, and he did find
This mortal man of whom I speak,
That desire left him weak,
And yet he knew she loved him dear,
So danced did she, no show of fear
As his heart for love of she did burn,
And she for him, desires did yearn,
And this beauty, as of the budding rose
And the stars of light which do propose
To offer chance as she did then,
And Beren, of the kin of men
Was the mortal man who loved this elf,
Our hero, who for love was loath
To not see each eve her fairest face,
Longed ever for her immortal grace.
And was so this story’s saddened end
That she was mortal, tears to lend,
As was for love their hope and plight,
And shadows did the couple fight,
Untill through death they sought their prize,
The love of love, which never dies.


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