The Ballad of Lordo Fring–Part 5 – Ron, Merry, and Pippin spend a little quality time with the Uruk-Hai

by Mar 14, 2003Poetry

Yet she nor any of the company knew,
What had happened to companions true,
When they were born off by triumphant orcs,
These two young hobbits and student of Hogwarts

Ron and Pippin woke to cold, hostile air
And the hideous horror of Uruk-Hai’s stare
Merry, still asleep, on unfriendly earthy lay,
His head bandaged badly with rags filthy and grey

All their hands were tied with steel-tight knots,
And escape was limited to skitt’ring thoughts,
Ron twisted for his wand–all in vain
His bonds were too cruel, no grasp could he gain

“Stop struggling,” whispered Pippin, “talks have begun,
“Not just in orc-speech, but in our own tongue.”
The pair closely listened to vicious debate
As the Uruk-Hai raged about poor captives’ fate

At last the hobbits were decided upon,
But what about red-haired, innocent Ron?
Halflings must be their master’s playtoy,
But no one had spoke of a young, human boy

Now of course to butcher would be pleasure,
But of one thing still they were unsure,
They had seen strange, bright orange light,
Deposit him quickly, ready for flight

Would it be better to kill this phenomenon,
Or take him instead to Lord Saruman?
Ugluk violently ended turbulent strife,
For now they would grant to him short-terméd life

But this was not the only wondrous thing
Because just then a dead orc fell on Pippin,
Clutched in his fist was a jagged, sharp sword,
And this Pippin used to cut his hands’ cord

“Pick up those prisoners,” Ugluk ordered the rabble,
“An’ captives are killed, on death’s road you’ll travel!”
So up onto rough shoulders the hobbits were swung,
While Ron, the odd one out, was forcéd to run

But though fleeing from spiders in long, scary chases,
And waiting with mermaids in undermoat places,
Had taught him bravery, and how actions to take,
It still left him woefully out of good shape

The hobbits bumped round like twin sacks of grain,
Swaying back and forth, forth and back, back and again,
Each mind lapses darkly, in evil dreams reels,
While Ron stumbles forward, sly whips at his heels

The halted and under slim moon were thrown,
Onto stone ground hard as petrified bone,
But their rest was short, for the scout related
The sight of horsemen which then escapéd

Angrily then Ugluk ordered all to dash,
Lest they were forced to eager swords clash,
When they had captives to carry away,
From duty to pleasure they musn’t yet stray

The minor orcs grumbled ’bout running in sunlight,
Yet Ugluk “assured” them it would be quite all right
Since the orcs were tired of lugging hobbits along,
All captives’ legs must sing running’s sweet song

They were given orcdraught, with warmth them to fill,
And Merry was smeared with dark stuff to heal
They then set off with the untiring drive,
Known only by desperates, who want to stay alive

Pippin swerved suddenly, dived to the right,
And when he saw how useless was his quick flight,
He grasped for his cloak, let loose his clasp
Then let coarse hands once again hold him fast

Author’s Note: Refer back to previous parts if confused, please. Oh, and to those of you who were wondering about Draco, I’ve been meditating on how I’d put him in if I do. It probably wouldn’t be at least until Isengard, though, so until then I’ll leave you hanging. BWAHAHAHA!


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