The Ballad of Lordo Fring — Part 2 – Ronald Weasley and Peregrin Took take a much-needed break from fighting

by Dec 7, 2002Poetry

But all of that was yet to come,
And Amon Hem’s clashing of swords had just begun,
When Ron and Pippin, thrusting boldly at Orcs,
Were swept suddenly away to mighty Hogwarts.

As Peregrin blinked in dazzling sunlight,
He had to choke back both amazement and fright,
For coming across the castle green,
Was by far the largest man he had ever seen.

Hagrid strode happily across the lawn,
Then stopped to come over and talk to Ron,
When all of a sudden, what did he see,
But Peregrin’s curly head reaching just past his knee.

With an exclamation of joy Hagrid inquired,
Who was he? What was he? How was he?–question after question fired
Ron and Pippin (at ease) replied with great loquacity
Telling a story to ward off query after query.

As the tale poured out of what they’d gone through,
Watching Hagrid’s reaction, Ronald suddenly knew,
That all this could not just sail under Dumbledore’s nose,
Hagrid would take them to him– if he had to drag them by their toes.

Then Pippin surely would be sent back to fight,
Leaving Ron naught to do but study all night,
But he and the hobbit had had as yet no fun at all!
Why not show him around a bit — and let the chips fall.

After justifying this and explaining that,
Ron and Pippin made for the castle at the drop of a hat
They turned a corner and whom did they find,
But George and Fred paying certain rules no mind.

The twins soon found in Peregrin,
A common interest and likes akin,
In talks and jokes grand plans they set,
With the grub of the kitchens their main target.

So off to the call of the food they all went,
And all found a tasty hour well spent
Fred and George had to leave early to “do certain things”
Together alone, wizard and hobbit feasted like kings.

With stomachs, pockets, packs nigh on bursting at seams
With pumpkin cakes, sandwiches, and chocolate creams
The two stumbled gaily along the corridor,
When a glare caught their eye that was straight from Mordor.

Professor Severus Snape marched down the hall,
His robes billowing, casting dark shadows upon the wall
Both knew in a moment it was no use to stall —
He was going to take them straight to Minerva McGonagall.

Professor Snape had another reason for going, though,
There was a small vial he to McGonagall must show
For while in the Defense Against Dark Arts office,
He had found this bottle wedged in a niche.

He suspected it was from that hectic year
When Lockhart began his “teaching” career
The man had stored himself a love potion, though why
Was a myst’ry, since his love for himself was legendry.

Now Pippin’s curiosity could not be curbed,
Even when by circumstances he was greatly disturbed,
Espying the vial he stared for a bit,
Then with a careful move, dropped it into his pocket.

Now why what happened next did, we do not know,
(Although it was surely not just for show)
A beam of orange light hauled away Ron and Pippin
Depositing them once more in battle uncertain.

Boromir, pierced with many a black-feathered arrow,
Sank–he would never see the sun rise tomorrow
Merry, Ron, and Pippin were carried away by Uruk-Hai,
As the echo sounded from Gondor’s horn’s last cry.

The Fellowship was broken, and all seemed lost,
Everything gone, and at so high a cost,
What to do now, the remaining did wonder,
Follow Frodo, pursue captives, or go on to Gondor?


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