The Ballad of Lordo Fring–Part 1 – A Summary of the First Part of That Eventful Trip

by Jul 27, 2002Poetry

The sun was bright
The day was fair
The gold leaves danced upon the air
But all was not well

For many miles the Fellowship had tread
Toward the land that all did dread
But at Amon Hem they were betrayed
Or so the tales tell

For Boromir-though noble-was not wise
And greed for the One Ring clouded his eyes
He attacked the ringbearer-who fought back bravely-
But at last, fell

Things looked black, for Boromir’s lust
Had wiped away all cares for friends or kin
His only object now was to rescue the Ring
from the molten flames of Orodruin

Then hope came into the dell

Mounted on flying sticks-in they zoomed
Shattering the fear that once had loomed
One in paralysis Boromir entombed
Then introductions commensed

Frodo the ringbearer sat up, bemused
Only to find strangers e’en more confused
So after exchanging stares and how-do-you-dos,
They naturally became friends

So Frodo, Samwise and Harry
Went off on a quest not a little bit scary
Trudging through marshes, matchmaking spiders
Distrusting friends, and following rivals

Ron and Pippin got captured by orcs,
Raided the kitchens of famous Hogwarts,
Joined Fred and George in mischievous sports
Then got whisked back to be seized once more

Merry joined in just in time to share,
Long runs through forests, and pipeweed to spare
They called themselves Gollum, and met with the Entssss,
And began the trek towards Isengard

Hermione stayed with the rest of the troop
And with a love arrow did Legolas shoot
Looking for captives, battling orcs
And giving Gimli the laugh of his life


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