The Appeal of Frodo Baggins – A Poem

by Sep 30, 2001Poetry

The Appeal of Frodo Baggins

Let me persist, keep the fell orcs far away
Life must not fade with each passing day
Barad-dûr stands growing stronger, death is in demand
Can my trust turn to Gollum, while I pass through this land.

To die today without completing my task
Is to declare my neglect for what the Council asked
I stand not alone it is the simple gardener Samwise that I trust
Those who parade so near to my path, for Minas Tirith do they lust.

Those who march in the West, to right a long standing wrong.
They will soon join the Battle against Sauron’s deadly throng.
This hobbit cares for all who have hope, so I set to destroy the One that rules all Rings.
Mends the broken Fellowship, on my neck strength to them brings.

And If I die now for what I believe.
This rabid host will thrive on the power to decieve.
The Rohirrim of the Mountains, hear the Nazguls scream from the sky.
The sound can only deflect me from what I must try

The freedom of Middle Earth, is what our wondrous Shire needs.
May have worn off, as one brave man of Gondor on Osgiliath bleeds
At Elrond’s Councils guidance, to which we were bound.
Now despair seems to cover a shadow cast to the ground.

So let two Hobbits persist, that we may ignite
In the fires of Orodruin, the rings binding that I fight
The West stands fast now against a huge curtain of gloom
For it provided us the momentum, to descend into Mount Doom.


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