The 12 Days of Tolkien

by Dec 10, 2003Poetry

on the twelvth day of Tolkien PJ gave to me
12 siege towers
11 dwarf tossings
10 arrows whizzing
9 fell beasts
8 legged spider
7 levels of minas tirith
6 oliphants
4 nasty orcs
3 uruk-hai
2 ringwraiths
and a seedling from the white treeeeeeeeeee


on the 12th day of Tolkien PJ gave to me
12 riders riding,
11 crebain flying,
10 elves a shooting,
9 nazgul chasing,
8 wizards smoking,
7 dwarves singing,
6 orcs a slaying,
5 shards of narsil,
4 symbelmyne,
3 kegs of mead,
2 silly hobbits,
and one ring to rule them all


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