Thaw – Eowyn

by Jan 10, 2005Poetry

A/N: I’m not entirely sure where this came from; it pretty much spilled out in the middle of the night (most of my better stuff happens late at night, for some reason). It describes Eowyn’s emotions as Faramir urges her to reclaim life again.

the day was warm–
breathing into spring, but I
still clung to the chill
of a pale winter morning
there is so much safety in the cold
the sun was rising, but I
ducked beneath a tree to hide my face
the winds ever roaring
then your words stopped my breath
twisting cold hands together, unwilling
to break your heart, wanting
to break mine and let it spill
into the ocean waves always crashing
let it drown where it can do no harm
your eyes fasten, your hand
over mine, leading me to the hilltop
“spread your wings”–
and I dreamt of falling, and you breathed
and I ran, clutching the warmth
of your kiss around me; a shield
plunge from the edge


and the glory belongs to me
and the pain
forever more, the stone walls
and the grass ocean


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