Thankful for Tolkien – A Poem About That Wonderful World of Middle Earth

by Nov 28, 2002Poetry

I’m thankful for all the great times
That I can go on Tolkien Online
I’m thankful for the hobbit Frodo
I’m thankful for his cousin Bilbo

I’m thankful that I can see
All of Tolkien’s creativity
I’m thankful on this day of Thanksgiving
That I have read the Lord of the Rings

I’m thankful that I can dream
Of Middle Earth where it seems
Everything from The Shire to Rivendell
From Moria to Lorien and Galadriel

From Rauros Falls to Fangorn trees
Where the Ents dwell amidst the leaves
Where the hobbits Pippin and Merry
Drank Ent draughts with Treebeard happily

I’m thankful for that marvelous 111th birthday party
Where hobbits danced and drank ale cheerfully
I’m thankful for the beautiful Rivendell
Where the elves Arwen and Elrond did dwell

I’m thankful that I can picture Gondor
With its proud waving flags and spiral tower
Where Aragorn and Arwen did marry
And lived their days out in harmony

I’m thankful for the Pipe Weed
Of Longbottom Leaf and Old Toby
That Gandalf and Bilbo smoked happily
On that night before his birthday party

My hats off to you Tolkien
For the elvish words you’ve spoken
For the magical world of fantasy
You created so wonderfully

So on this glorious Thanksgiving Day
Remember Tolkien and all he did say
Once there lived a hobbit in a hole
From those words he addicted us all


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