Testament to the Shire

by Aug 13, 2004Poetry

The hills of soft green are far away tonight,
As the stars of the elders speak to me tonight.
The home I once knew is a stranger to me,
Lost in the hands of persons not known to me.

The breeze licks my face and reminds me of the dreams,
Of rowing down rivers of childhood memories now dreams.
I long for the belonging of people like me,
For the people in these stange lands seem so different from me.

So as the place I pass fades into the haze,
I wonder my fate in this un-natural daze.
The ring is slowly creeping into me,
Making my actions and notions unfree.

I know I should never use the power,
But forsake it so I will not misuse it’s power.
The temptation is great and I hope I can fight,
The evil inside it with all my might.


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