Tella Elda – The Last Elf

by Mar 18, 2005Poetry

In shadows and darkness so soft
A child of starlight was born
Beneath the stormy sky
Under the heavens in mourn

First steps on the path of her life
And the wild wind broke loose
First smile to the greatest width
And the ray of light broke through

Spirit of fire and soul of wind
Within her heart this beauty lies
Eternal shine of light so dim
Forsaking all these mortal ties

Forever nobly standing tall
May come the glory, misery
However thorny life may be
No man shall ruin felicity

In no-mans-land she`s doomed to live
Invisible and magical
As long as hope is left to give
The fairest creature of them all

And when her time on Earth runs out
The greatest spirit of them all
Shall call her soul and she shall go
Without regret and sad remorse

And torch of light shall burn so bright
To lead the way to home


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