Tears that Wound me, Master – A poem to Frodo from Samwise

by Dec 7, 2001Poetry

It’s hard to watch as you’re driven way,
To see you tortured through mind and soul.
And though you appear so fine,
It shatters this heart of mine,
To see you staggering towards your goal.

It cuts me so deeply, my master Frodo,
To know what you’re bearing so tempting and strong,
For no one can fill your needs,
No one can hear your pleas,
If you hide it within you for so long.

I watch as you sleep haunted by dreams,
Knowing the world is in your hands.
To see you twitch and turn,
My eyes begin to burn,
As we cross these evil Mordor lands.

These tears that wound me, master,
Are mourning for your pain.
The happiness is gone,
For now there is no dawn,
That can protect us from burning rain.

How can I help you, Frodo?


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