Take Me There

by Jul 14, 2004Poetry

Take Me There

A poem from the viewpoint of a noldorian exile returning to Valinor at last, yet lamenting for Middle Earth

Sail ship, great ship
From the Haven Shore
Sail ship take me there
To see the land once more

Mountains high and rivers bright
The land where I once dwelt
And gardens long with blooming flowers
The call my heart has felt

Yet to say I will not miss this land
That would be a lie
With curling trees and golden leaves
And towers to the sky

And now I go to far off lands
To seek the golden place
In Manwe’s halls, `neath Varda’s night
I wont forget your grace

Farewell at last to Middle Earth
You shall be in my heart
Forever more, till end of days
I weep now as we part


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