Striving for Joy – The Endless Battle for Good in the world

by Nov 29, 2005Poetry

Blood and sweat may paint my face
But I will not give up this race
Friends and kin may die for this
I know it is worth a moment of bliss
Daring now, I witless stand
An arrogant beast, rock in my hand
To fell the beast that haunts our world
And into the abyss see him hurled

Cold and hollow fall my eyes
And at the end, all things despise
I will not stop or let loose cries
Until one falls and finally dies
Justice and peace may I never see
But for the good world, I decree
That never will they see rest in me
Until our world is finally free

For I strive for joy through pain and grief
To see the dew on a mallorn leaf
For me, it may be beyond belief
But for you I go on through this grief

And I will see you smile again
Beyond the hope of mortal men
The call I hear, come sweeping down
And I will see the King regain a crown.


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