Story of Galadriel – A Poem

by Dec 26, 2002Poetry

Young elf-child,
Dancing in the light
Of the new moon.
Happy are you now,
And so may you always be.

Dark times come.
Beware of your fate.
From the Valar
Did your people come,
And there you must return.

Beautiful elf-maid,
Singing nature’s song.
You shall ever live.
This is you blessing,
But also your curse.

Evil is rising.
Beware of the dark.
Go swiftly to the lands
Of the Undying Lords,
To live in golden bliss.

Wise elf-queen,
Protector of the forest.
Power of sight Nenya brings.
See now the coming winter,
And the end of your time.

The banishment has been lifted,
The Valar await your return.
Lothlorien is fading,
Seek now the dawn.

An original poem by Lynn Lawler


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