Star light – a smile in the night..

by May 30, 2003Poetry

today i’ve seen a clearer sky
lovely for my eyes to see,

in it i saw thy smile
and hoped it was for me,

alone, thy thoughts seem far away
your face is shining bright,

thy eyes are clear like crystal grown
beneath the snows so white,

yet in it, my heart is sad
that thou has not seen me,

for i am just a faded soul
who will never be with thee,

but though i’m lost at times it seems
i’m glad for thy sweet smile,

it gives me warmth in days of cold
and rest my thoughts at whiles,

the breeze of early summers night
has shown thy warmth to me,

my world is in eternal joy
forever, i hope to be,

tonight i’ll wish for cloudless sky
clear and dark to see,

i hope to catch a fallen star
and show it’s shade to thee.


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