Splish Splash

by Jan 8, 2004Poetry

by Treebeard & His Merry Ents
(to the tune of “Splish Splash, I was Taking a Bath”

Splish splash, you’ll be takin’ a bath
Saruman, you son of a dog
Rub a dub, you’ll be drowning in your tub
Floatin’ like a dead bullfrog…
We’re breakin’ the dam
Releasin’ the water
Pretty soon sucker,
you’ll be wetter than an otter
Well ah, splish splash, you’ll be takin’ a bath
The Ents’ll have a party goin’ on….

You’ll be a splishin’ and a splashin’
Moanin’ and a groanin’
Slippin’ and a drippin’,
Soakin’ and a croakin’, yeah!

[They dance as Merry and Pippin play hobbit instruments]

Bing bang, I brought the whole gang
All the way to old Isengard
Flip flop, better get out the mop
We’ve made a swimmin’ pool of your yard….
Here am I Treebeard and Merry and a Pippin
And ol’ Quickbeam, gonna really get you drippin’
Wella, splish splash, you are gonna get a bath
Hope you got your wadin’ boots on….

All together:
Cuz you’ll be splishin’ and a splashin’,
Moanin’ and a groanin’
Slippin’ and a drippin’,
Soakin’ and a croakin’,
we’ll be floatin’ and a gloatin’
splishin’ and a splashin’…yeah!!!
[All join in a triumphant dance while Saruman makes “curses, foiled again!” gestures]


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