Sorrow – the thoughts of an elf waiting to depart

by Oct 3, 2003Poetry

The time has come for me to leave
All night I sat under tree to grieve
For I will miss standing in the woods of my homeland
Tomorrow I will stand on the soft white sand
And depart for Valinor

Why does the gull torture me with its cries?
Maybe it is some evil in disguise
For it tears my heart into two
And leaving me hoping that my choice I will not rue
For I have chosen the sea

Have I made a mistake?
Should I stay for Middle-earth’s sake?
But the sea, oh how it calls to me
Beckoning me forward, away from grass and tree
To the gray havens, it whispers in my ear

With a sigh I turn to bid farewell
What does the future hold? I wish I could tell
A piece of my heart will forever stay
In the forests where I used to lay
While the rest moves on to what lays beyond

To what lays beyond in Valinor


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