Sorrow Song – An Elven Lament

by Apr 30, 2004Poetry

Sail ship, grey ship, upon the salty sea,
Cry gull, white gull, calling us to leave,
Weep woods, green woods, our home beneath the trees,
Rise king, wise king, to where you’re meant to be,

And weep elves, fair elves, banished to the West,
Star folk, far folk, I hope that we find rest,
Burn heart, yearn heart, beat within my breast,
Finished now, diminished now, we finally passed the test,

Fly voice, cry voice, to sing our sorrow song,
Sing men, strong men, of all that is now gone,
Write words, bright words, of the place where we belong,
Tell the tale, the weary tale, though it be lifetimes long,

Of elven halls and gull’s calls and caverns full of light,
Of pale skin, pure skin, that shimmered in the night,
Fair of face, full of grace, eyes with immortal sight,
Of starshine, moonshine, and fires burning bright,

And sorrow, oh sorrow, deeper than the sea,
Light eyes, bright eyes, that wept for broken dreams,
Crying hearts, sighing hearts, that mourn eternally,
An old race, a cold race, vanished beyond the sea,

A sad tale, a long tale, but good for what it’s worth,
Of elven kings, evil rings, and an endless, hopeless search,
For some way, some day, to stay in Middle Earth,
By the sea, beneath the trees, in the land of my birth,

White gull, light gull, I heard your wild cry,
Bold wind, cold wind, I saw your banner fly,
Be strong, hold on. Yet inwardly I sighed,
I sailed away, beyond the day; something within died.

Remember men, young men, to sing of what is gone,
Of the far folk, the star folk, that vanished with the dawn,
To journey far, to journey hard, to white shores and beyond,
Perhaps we’ll give another the strength to journey on,

Fly heart, sigh heart, for all that you must see,
Cry heart, die heart, for what will never be.


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