Song of the Orcs – Another joyful song from the scum of Mordor

by Apr 9, 2005Poetry

Eat all the spoils, drink from the sour
Fine fat meat and mutton to devour
Tear out its heart! Rip from the throat!
Whether it be horse or man or goat!
Stick it in the belly, rip out its innards
This will suffice for many long dinners
This is the way the orcs do business
This is how we settle our messes
Don’t you like Grishnakh?
Then bleed him like a pig!
Might you find Lugburz?
Tear him from within!
Find you a hobbit?
Chop off both its legs!
This will satisfy for many long days
From the fields to the ruins
We reek our horrid vengeance
From the gardens to the blizzards!
We pursue you like a menace!
From the heavens to the deepest hell
We batter out your wits
Then you will lie
There on the ground
Begging like a pig
Squealing like a stuck pig!


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