Song of the Last Elf

by Mar 5, 2004Poetry

Song of the Last Elf

My tears could fill the vastness of the Sundering Sea,
And the endless Void could never fill the gaping hole in me,
For I have seen the last ship sail away from Arda’s shores,
And I shall wail, lament, and weep in sorrow ever more.
The Grey Haven’s deathly silence is pierced by white gull’s shriek,
I stand forlorn and forgotten, I know not what I seek.
I cannot leave this Middle-earth for which I’ve bled to free,
Where my tears fell and love resides is where my heart will be.
But soon I will have nothing here, for Time is bound to slay
All I love within this world, this is my spirit’s bane.
The only place my soul could heal was the Undying Lands,
But I tarried and I lingered long, all I hold now are the sands
That lie upon the lonely beach and are eaten my the spray
So in despair I remain here until the Sunless Day,
When all will turn to silver glass and water turns to light,
I will strive no more and have my peace, blazing in the night.


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