Son of a Steward

by Feb 12, 2004Poetry

I was known in my land
Great deeds I had done
My father had little love for my brother
All his love was for me

He sent me on this journey
Never giving my brother a chance
To proove himself to all
Then left th son of the steward

Arriving in a land of elves
I discovered a great weapon
Funny how such a small thing
Can hold so much power

Many lusted for it
I must take it
I must weild it
With it we’d defeat the enemy

A dark greed and longing grasped my heart
An unlikely figure excepted the task none could take
Eight others took his side
I was one of them

Not knowing quite why
I followed on roads few knew
In my heart I felt a need for the weapon
Betrayal and the fall of the son of the steward

I tried to take it
I wanted power
It was to late to stop myself
I had failed

Racing through the trees
I searched for my companions
I found two who were
Unexperienced, frightened, and trapped

Valiantly I fought and sounded for help
The horn of the son of the steward
Being one man I had no hope for me,
But I could not let the little ones fall

A sharp piercing pain
I’d been hit by the leader
I saw the horror on the little one’s faces
With new found strength I fought harder

More pain
I could not stop fighting
One last arrow
One last wound

I could fight no more
I had failed again
My companions captured
My life almost done

A warrior came
Avenging my death
He killed the leader
He came to my side

My hope rekindled
I saw him there
For the first time
I realized his magnificence

My horn would be heard no longer
My life was spent,
But I had seen my king
I could rest in peace

Thus ended the days of the son of the steward


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