So Young To Die – Nine Companions 4 – Boromir

by Jul 5, 2002Poetry

He stared at me in silent grief,
And ran over with tears in his eyes,
As he sank to his knees I heard him whisper,
So young, so young to die,

Our eyes met and he understood,
It was time for me to go,
My work was done in Middle Earth,
I had trudged my final road,

How can I describe those last few moments,
And the thoughts running through my mind?
I knew my companions had to go on,
And I would be left behind,

I remembered the times when I would mount a horse,
And run a race with the wind,
I remembered the times I would wake to a splash,
And the laughter of my friends,

I remembered days of happiness and warmth,
And ones of sorrow and pain,
I remembered the dream that came to me,
And how my life was never the same,

I remembered the bond of the nine walkers,
And wished it wouldn’t end,
I remembered the towers of silver and pearl,
That I would never come home to again,

I remembered my Father’s words of wisdom,
And my brother’s sea gray eyes,
My pale lips murmured a few last words,
So young, so young to die,

I was not afraid to face the world,
Where I was destined to go,
But I never thought I would journey there,
So young and all alone,

Right before I closed my eyes,
I saw a tear roll down his cheek,
I felt him kneel and heard him say,
Son of Gondor, be at peace,

I saw diamond studded mountains before me,
And a crimson gold sunrise,
I left one world and entered the next,
Still so young, so young to die.


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