So it Begins

by Mar 7, 2007Poetry

I hear them!
Listen! you can too!
out rallying around the walls,
underneath the sky so blue..
How can I be doing this?
What is one man to say?
Who is to say who lives or dies?
Who controls their Destinies?
They are willing to fight
to die for me?
And for these golden halls,
What brings such loyalty?
And Hamma, my dearest, loyal friend
How can he continue on?
When his son might have to fight
And may not see the dawn!
Listen as we prepare for war
As men young and old
Are fitted, and prepare themselves
Sporting Bravery as fear takes hold.
Listen as our new found friends,
Elves! Alliances reform!
Lift their bows at Haldir’s command
To prepare for the on coming storm!
I seem to recall , how so long ago,
our people were happy and free!
But how could something change so fast,
Yet they still believe in me?
Why? I tend to ask myself,
Are men to die so young?
Why must the old live on
With strength weakly strung?
So, the old fight with what vigor is left
In their hollow bones.
Alone we fight, with waining strength
As we brace for our oncoming foes.
So it begins,
The battle is won
The fight is over
The war has begun.
The board is set
The kings take stand.
Am I just a knight or a Rook
In some greater plan?
With heavy hearts
Can we face once again
An unbeatable foe?
So it begins.


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