So great a sorrow – for evenstar

by Apr 29, 2003Poetry

No words nor tears can my pain tell
As I weep among the forest dell,
Where the stars, they cannot reach me
And the new moon doth not recall thee,
Away beyond thy kin.
And as the eve of dawn draws near
I rest among the mortal fear
That the iron clasp of death
Shall speed unto me now.

No flower could ever save love
For all is lost, I know. And the stars above
Do wan, as welcomed is the dawn.
And I pray to see thee thare, king of old adorn
With shining sword upon thy waist.
And as the heart that loved ye
Doth grow weary now, and in my eyes I see thee,
And wish to kiss thy lips
I taste the bitter tears fall
As I walk forth again.

And that tale that is our story
As on this mound I lie
Among the faded elanor
In mourning grace I die.

and as the days did pass
The forest silent stood
And the leaves did fade and fall
Upon Immortal blood


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