Silver Dreams – You are gone but I am still dreaming

by Nov 29, 2005Poetry

“Walk among the mist with me,
A fairy hand in hand
I´ll take you to far places
In beautiful distant lands.

Can you hear the music?
A vague, calm melody
It´s played among the treetops
With a scent of remedy.

Feel the touch of swirling wind
Among the hemlocks and the grass
The intensive sound of waters
Wild and free at last.

You´ll long to see the sunset
The fairest ever seen
And when the night falls in your eyes
The trees turn blue instead of green.

And there, under silent night
Of a thousand clear bright stars
You´ll see the meaning of it all,
The essence of life´s arts.

And wild, sweet little flowers,
Will bow under moonlight clear
As we walk beneath the starshine
Far from the world that is full of tears.

So when you see the dawn arrive
At the horizon of the sea,
Think of me, sweet darling
Of our life and how it was meant to be.”


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