Shire Days – A prose poem

by Oct 27, 2004Poetry

Dusty sunlight shining through the curtains
the smell of bacon frying
comfortable, steady clothes
shining wood floors
a kiss and a hug to the family
a full stomach and tasty mouth
open door and a morning world
dewy grass and chirping birds
sun-filled shadows in a hay-dust, pony-stamp barn
nuzzle and pat with a familiar pony
callused wood seats on a sway-bump waggon
cheery greetings and a sun-kissed breeze
hobbit bustle and waggon wheels
duck-foot ripples and a clacketing bridge
a whistling jump onto soft dirt fields
hacking and pulling at stiff, grabbing weeds
tickle-trickle sweat on a brown forehead
a butterfly pause and a long drink of water
a high sun and a crooked back
hot pony trot
dusty oats and a water trough dunk
washed hands and feet with a rumbling stomach
good food aplenty
a smiling, happy, pink-faced mother
a sleepy nap in a well-padded chair
back to the fields in the afternoon sun
an excuse for a rest when a friend stops to talk
to work in the shade at a slower speed
a rumbling ride home and an unharnessed pony
a hug and a kiss and a comforting meal
good smelling pipe in a rocking chair
soft sunset and fireflies
an old story to crowded children
tousled heads to sleep with a kiss
a quiet talk with propped-up feet
stretchings and cool sheets
sleep with crickets outside of the window.


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