Shieldmaiden – Eowyn’s thoughts of the past

by Sep 22, 2005Poetry

I looked out into the night
Across the plains of Rohan
My heart was longing to fight
I could fight like any man

Eomer was banned from here
Theodred was gone
The only thing left was fear
As I watched the dawn

Four strangers had entered our land
To set my uncle free
To save us from Isengard’s hand
and make Grima flee

They told us to go to Helm’s Deep
It was not Aragorn’s will
This secret my heart shall keep
The hole in my heart he did fill

They told me my love had fallen
This news stopped me in mid-breath
With him fell our most loyal men
Aragorn fell to his death

Someone limped and staggered by
But slow was their pace
It was Aragorn, he did not die
A smile crossed my face

Out we rode to Gondor’s aide
The next night we would ride
The life we knew started to fade
I stood by my brother’s side

Ranger, why do you go?
Leave like a startled dove?
‘It is but a shadow
And a thought that you love’

I fight for those I can
I pulled my blade out of its sheath
While dressed as a man
I rode out with them, to death

That battle I remember well
None of our men had ran
On that day, the Witch King fell
Because I was no man

As I breathe the morning air
I think of my uncle, Theoden
He had said, ‘No more despair’
How I wish to hear his voice again

One of the men had at me
His name was Faramir
There is good in him, that I can see
He made my vision clear

Now I stand behind walls of stone
Rohan’s shieldmaiden and Gondor’s
I stand behind the high wall alone
And gaze fearlessly across the moors


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