Shelob, has got Another

by Feb 3, 2004Poetry

I feel dead my mind is frozen
with pain how can I just leave him
out in the open he is not peace!
I remove the ring from around his neck
and place it upon my own
the orcs are coming,
and I creep slowly away
the sorrow consuming
me with each step.
What will they do if they find him?
I should not think such thoughts
I must destroy the ring.
I am now the only hope
Middle Earth has left,
and I trudge
on through the darkness.
I can hear the murmuring
of the orcs
as the gather around his body.
“Shelob, has got another,
no matter he will come to in an hour or so”
What have I done.
Horror fills my soul
I shouldn’t have left him there.
He is alive,
and I have left him
out to be ridiculed by the orcs.
I will never forgive myself
of this foolishness.
The orcs carry him off,
and I know not what
will happen to my friend.


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