Shall I Come?

by Feb 18, 2004Poetry

Shall I come to you in Spring time when all the birds return?
Shall we meet in blooming meadow or kiss amongst the fern?
Or will you lead me to a sunny glade to lie amongst the flowers,
Or sit beside a thawing brook and serenade me there for hours?

Shall I come to you in Summer or will you come to me
And swim within the streaming waters of the endless Sea?
And walk upon the beaches long into the night,
I’ll hold you in my arms and sing until the morning light.

Shall I come to you in Autumn when the mallorns blaze with gold?
You will stroke my hair and whisper to me secrets still untold,
And while the leaves are falling in all their brazen hues,
You shall pick me up and spin me and I will dance with you.

Shall I come to you in Winter when the Moon is full and pale?
And the Wind comes howling from the North into a snowy gale?
Stand with me on a glittering hill and there our lips will meet,
Forever more our breath entwined in lover’s misty heat.

Alas! I cannot come to you in any Season, Dawn or Eve,
I am doomed to be sundered from you, and for this a sorely grieve.
For, my love, we are together in my dreams and in my heart,
But Truth is a bitter reminder that we are worlds apart.


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