Shadowed Birth – –tormented souls death-song

by Sep 26, 2003Poetry

The wind of pain is loose again,
So fall into despair,
And weep for children lost of old,
And fall without a care.

Lay down your sword, and close your eyes,
No pain shall enter thee,
Watch the thunder, break the hills,
And come, o sing with me!

The shrouding black is ever near,
No light can hold it back,
So weep those tears and spill that blood,
And laugh at that sickening crack.

The elven maids shall smile no more,
And hearts will turn to stone,
For evil enters everything,
And makes it writhe and groan.

So heed my words, o noble friend,
And take my hand in yours,
Don’t frown at towers crumbling down,
Just smile as the dark rain pours.

The light is waning from your heart,
Thy hate is pure and rich,
Go slay those elven fools who cry,
And kill their elven witch.

Come with me, to darkened hall,
And drink the blood of foes,
And sing the death-song, deep and well,
And follow were evil goes.

For light shall enter here no more,
Just pain, and blood-lust true,
For I am friend, not wandering fiend,
My song is just for you.

Now leave your wife, and turn your head,
Toward the darkening land,
You too can taste the deep dark wine,
Stirred by evil’s hand.

The stars will burn in poisoned heaps,
And love shall wane and die,
Hearken not to elven words,
Don’t turn when you hear them cry.

So lay down your head, on tarnished stone,
And sleep under rotting earth,
Fear not the howls, or chants so cold,
For this is your shadowed birth


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