Serpentine Salvation

by Dec 2, 2004Poetry

Nothing’s left to hold me.
No arms dare enfold me.
I’ve ever to choke these cries.
I’ve ever to rue these lies.
I’ve ever to be despised.
Never dies.

See me standing. I am one.

Into Mirkwood embrace.
From murderous man-race.
To where Forest River writhes.
I’ll drown away the despise.
There my everness shall die.
Never cry.

See me drifting. I am one.

Laugh in face of ever.
I’ll not suffer, never.
Dark serpent sings her sweet song.
She brings me where I belong.
She has loved me all along.
Siren song…

See me slipping. I am one.

Into sweet salvation.
sweet emancipation.
I’ll not suffer for my sins.
Swallowed into serpent grin.
I’ll not let Ever win.
Final grin.

See me swallowed. I have won.


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