Seeking Flame Imperishable – Morgoth’s Lament-A Poem

by Aug 3, 2002Poetry

Seeking Flame Imperishable

I sigh and moan in prison lone, my spirit has gone dim,
All the deeds that I have done have made me cold within.
Yet while I sit in darkened pit I cannot forget all,
Of my longing and my search for Flame Imperishable.

Oh that tempting grail I sought, it beckoned from afar,
But it was as much in my reach as one of Varda’s stars.
So on this earth I poured my wrath and made my anger known,
Easing my painful longing with others’ gasping moans.

While I brood and ponder long on all my former deeds,
I see now that into the Void is where my path did lead.
Bitter now and hard as stone has my soul transformed,
And upon my casting out from Earth not a one hath mourned.

In search of Flame nothing can stop a soul as bent as mine,
Others’ flesh became my food and blood my hearty wine.
Much I ate and much I drank during my long years,
Of grinding hope into dust and squeezing out the tears.

Trudging toward elusive Flame I sacrificed it all,
My might and glory has deceased ever since my fall.
Eru in throne of stone above has turned his back on me,
My mighty father has seen fit to cast me in the sea.

My olden beauty has decayed, my might has crumbled down,
The haughty smirk upon my face has become a wearied frown.
Overwhelming lustfulness has come to be my bane,
The iron crown upon my head became my bonding chain.

The lengthy roll that keeps my sins is now a mile long.
When thinking of my torment here the elves erupt in song.
They named me Morgoth Foe of Earth, in hatred and in spite,
But time will see them call me lord after the coming fight.

For though I be of broken state, my servants still abound,
And wherever living things do dwell my evil shall be found.
Drawing nearer every day is the Dagor Dagoreth,
Upon that long awaited day I’ll be King of Earth.

Once again my might shall rein, my foes shall clog the streams,
Blood and death will stain the Earth with a ruby gleam.
But last of all when gods have died and rotted without name,
I`ll stand alone, the lord of all and Keeper of the Flame.


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