by May 22, 2003Poetry

What became of spring,
And blossom in the air,
When I did dance and sing
In youth by rivers fair,
And sung by the breeze
The secret muse
Did make her way
Among the woodland trees.

O summer, of you what became,
The joy of fragrant blooms,
When I did laugh and was the same,
And I did listen to the many tunes
Of the nightbird in the eve
As the stars should
Be so bright,
And never wish to leave.

Autum, why to come so soon
And be the descending grace
For then my future it did loom,
As pass then did my race,
But then my true love find did I
For I did ever
Love him so,
Is as mortal I should die.

But winter, now thee come at last,
And in this hue thee stay,
For my life it has soon past,
And I shall fade away,
For love is lost
My star doth wan
Upon the even sky,
And I was born immortal elf,
Fated now to die.



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