Saviors of Aramon. – The scions of guardians past.

by Dec 10, 2003Poetry

(This is based on a short story I am currently working on, which in turn is deriving from its prequel which is a very large novel. I’m not really one to write poems, but for some strange reason an urge came upon me tonight. Its somewhat strange, and soon I will have the short-story posted.)

In the shadows the strangers arrive.
To end the rampant evil that thrives.
To thrust and twist the virulent sword.
And turn the tables of merciless war.

The kings and queen have come from far.
Though some protest to who they are.
And none declare the war shall pass.
So conviction shall the scions grasp.

To the rise whilst drums doth roll.
The heirs have come to rouse the souls.
And in this final fight for peace.
Restlessness shall soon be ceased.

Striving against a growing foe,
The common-folk now in grief and woe.
Yet four have come to ease their pain,
And send the evil back again.

Son of light, and the son of fire,
Greatest of the four. Who all four admire.
Daughter of peace, kin to water.
Fairest of the four, who all four desire.

Lord of knowledge, betrothed to earth.
Wisest of all, beholder of mirth.
Jester and light-heart. Harmonious with wind.
With all four, this harlequin doth blend.

To conclude this hearty endeavor
The four would fight on and forever.
To slay the damned and save the tender,
And finally bask in eternal splendor.

Heh…. The End! Hurrah! Now don’t be shy with that constructive criticism, I wont cry… Hopefully!


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