Saurons Watchful Wait to Fate

by Feb 6, 2004Poetry

Wondering from his soul,
boiling over with greed,
roaming, red Eye,
searching in need.

The One Ring of Power,
He wrought long ago,
posioning his mind,
a ruined shadow.

Panic and torture
grows as he looks,
to find the One Ring,
and destroy he that lurks.

Carrying the Ring into fire,
so near his border,
one dare not venture,
to journey through Mordor.

A fool he would be,
to throw it away,
to cast it aside,
to It’s fiery grave.

No! Men would hold it,
And love it for their own.
a Man with this power,
would savour his throne.

A throne of power,
No one can resist.
For the Ring cannot escape,
His Eye will not miss.

Yet, still searching,
His eye cannot see,
what creeps through the night,
so blind is his need.

Escaping the Dark Lord,
it finds It’s way near.
To destruction it travels,
with two Hobbits in fear.

But fear He has not,
and plans an attack,
he knows in his mind,
He’ll win his Ring back!

With His Eye occupied,
on battles with Men,
the Ring is destroyed,
in His desolate land!

The Eye has crashed
to look on the earth,
Sauron’s spirt diminisihed,
no more will we hurt.


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