Sauron’s Deceit – ‘A-He-Shadow-The’

by Sep 8, 2004Poetry

A sharp eye he had,
A gliding walk.
A stern command,
A soft talk.

His smile broad,
His shoulder’s wide,
His step sure,
His plan to abide.

Shadow lurking behind his brow,
Shadow hidden under smile.
Shadow following footsteps,
Shadow growing all the while.

The cunning evil,
The whisper he shed.
The poison of life,
The shadow spread.

A secret desire,
A future power.
A long term plan,
A foundation of a tower.

His cruel heart,
His cunning hands.
His rings of power
His evil plans.

Shadow crept into their hearts,
Shadow let loose by the rings.
Shadow darker than night herself,
Shadow longing to rule all things.

The men fell,
The dwarves fled.
The elves hid,
The dark’s power fed.

A last battle
A stolen ring.
A foolish man,
A proud king.

His withered body,
His mist soul.
His fleeing form,
His dark hole.

Shadow seeping through the land,
Shadow creeping into woods.
Shadow hissing through the trees,
Shadow under wring-wraith-hoods.

The council met,
The shadow went.
The darkness to Morder,
The power bent.

A darkness grew,
A Hobbit’s hope.
A dark journey,
A desperate grope.

His strength returned,
His power grew.
His stroke fell,
His oversight flew.

Shadow flowing over walls,
Shadow held off by desperate men.
Shadow hoping city falls,
Shadow returned to it’s den.

The battle fought,
The ring destroyed.
The king returned,
The land overjoyed.


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